New services accelerate prior authorization turnaround times while reducing administrative workload.

OPN began deploying Kaid Health’s Whole Chart Analysis with Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction (NLITE) to enhance OPN’s technology platform, benefitting a network of over 500 oncologists in multiple states. The initiative follows an extensive proof-of-concept phase of implementing NLITE technology to expedite oncology prior authorizations. This groundbreaking application furthers the alignment of physician practices and healthcare payers to deliver timely, quality oncology care while managing costs. 

OPN’s commitment to aligning providers, payers, and patients is well served by this recent collaboration. Enhancing technology offerings that power data analytics and infrastructure will ease many administrative-related burdens in the oncology setting. The need to manage pricey novel medications is important, but the burdensome and expensive prior authorization process is widely considered to be a significant challenge to managing costs. 

Implementing Kaid Health’s NLITE tech will automatically extract patient data from medical records, streamlining workflows and reducing treatment wait times. Additionally, this groundbreaking partnership opens doors to further refinement and development as Kaid and OPN work towards ensuring informed, coordinated and empathic care. 

“When it comes to cancer, we don’t have time to wait. By partnering with KAID Health, we can improve our prior authorization workflows to help patients get access to care, faster,” says Arinjay Madhav, VP of Strategy & Operations at OPN Healthcare. “By integrating Real-World NLP, we can streamline workflows, refine our benchmarking, improve our quality reporting and reduce time-to-treatment. These are vital components in our strategy to improve patient care and clinician workflow.”

Lowering overhead costs while enabling effective utilization management of high-cost drugs supports efforts to streamline cancer treatment. The success of this program will not only enhance existing support for the OPN Network but will eventually shape further innovations in the OPN Care Management services as the technology is adapted and integrated in new ways.