OPN has been managing oncology care for nearly 25 years and brings a holistic approach to providing patients with the support they need during their cancer journey.

Oncology is one of the most complicated medical specialties. OPN understands that the patients receiving cancer treatment deserve effective care that is value-based and not volume-driven. OPN’s extensive network of community oncologists provides the highest quality of care that not only leans on their extensive experience treating cancer but also has access to a sophisticated infrastructure developed by OPN to serve the patient community. This comprehensive platform integrates well with all oncology subspecialties and ensures a sustainable approach to any aspect of a patient’s cancer care.

OPN is committed to providing our partners with transformational and innovative tools through our knowledge, experience, and relationships. We connect information, analytics, and clinical expertise to optimize evidence-based, cost-effective outcomes. OPN’s Patient Support Resources help to enhance the patient experience. These tools enable the best possible patient outcomes while supporting in-office workflow and real-time insights along the patient care journey. OPN supports the patient comprehensively, addressing as many aspects of the patient experience as possible while empowering consistent, value-based oncology care. Each of these initiatives is available to providers in our network with a centralized patient information contact team, relieving administrative strain from providers’ offices and improving access to enhanced patient experience opportunities. 

OPN’s Patient Support Resources

OPN has developed a suite of resources to help OPN associated patients. This robust support program is provided free of charge to promote the most effective, quality experience possible during a patient’s cancer care journey. 

In developing these resources, OPN is guided by the following goals:

  • Provide a positive experience for the patient
  • Provide safe and timely oncology care
  • Provide evidence-based and effective cancer treatment

24/7 Clinical Support

OPN has implemented an after-hours phone support program to give patients clinical support for side effects they are experiencing during care. This service is an extension of the oncologist, allowing patients to easily report symptoms from their phone or computer, 24/7. They are promptly evaluated by a specialized nurse who will update their doctors in real-time, helping to personalize the patient’s care.


Nutritional Support

A patient’s nutritional support can be pivotal for their treatment and recovery. OPN offers access to a specialized app/website that provides personalized, live nutritional and wellness support throughout the cancer care journey, improving outcomes and patient monitoring. 


Additional Resources

Besides the above resources, OPN has implemented additional initiatives aimed at supporting caregivers and the families of patients. This includes OPN’s partnership with Kesem, an organization that supports the children of cancer patients by providing a consistent and inclusive community. They offer year-round engagement through various events and a once-a-year sleep away camp that promotes connections and friendships that last a lifetime.