OPN is a dedicated partner that helps oncologists with their value-based care book of business.

OPN looks to partner with oncology groups. With an aim and focus on avoiding disruption to ownership, governance structure or oncologists’ current client relationships, OPN does not acquire or interfere with oncology practices. OPN will serve to enable and optimize the value-base care strategies of oncologists and their practices. OPN has a unique partnership model that respects the work and commitment of independent oncology care practices. OPN facilitates the transition to value-based models for community oncologist practices and helps successfully drive oncologists’ participation in value-based care.By partnering with oncology groups, OPN will serve to enable and optimize the value-based care strategies of oncologists and their practices.

The Trend Towards Value-Based Specialty Care

With the penetration and consolidation of Medicare Advantage (MA) in healthcare, there will be an increasing need for high performing oncology networks that are able to accommodate this transition. As more patients shift from traditional Fee for Service (FFS) to MA plans, localized Risk Bearing Organizations (RBOs) will absorb those members and remove them from traditional FFS provider care.

Local markets are being disrupted by new entrants in the oncology space. There is a wave of new providers and new models that will displace established oncologists in a market if they do not adapt to value-based care. These new entrants are specifically targeting those populations that have been the historical source of referrals for long-established oncology groups. OPN has a long history transitioning practices to value-based care, managing risk and revitalizing patient pools.

Growth Opportunities

OPN assists all its oncologist partners to grow their practices. OPN directly aligns with payers and primary care groups that control patient panels; by leveraging these relationships, OPN can increase referrals and help oncologists better fulfill the mission of quality patient care. As FFS referrals transition to value-based care, OPN will act as a conduit for growth and sustainable patient panels.

Though OPN has relationships that are national in scope, it understands that all physician markets are local. It has been involved in community oncology for over 20 years and appreciates the local dynamics of a market. It understands how each region is different and that every area requires a nuanced approach that speaks to their unique concerns.

OPN works to understand the needs of its network and affiliated oncologists. Not only does OPN help its provider partners foster sustainable practices, it has also developed a number of ways to drive revenue opportunities for its oncologist partners. These include patient engagement, clinical trials and financial assistance programs.

Case Studies

OPN has notable depth and breadth of experience with the issues and challenges that oncologists face when working in value-based models.

Oncologist Related Case Studies