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Managing Oncology Costs

Oncology costs are skyrocketing and will only continue to do so. Payers need collaborators who can anticipate this growth in costs and address them before they are too burdensome. OPN offers risk-holders cost predictability for oncology care. Most savings are achieved by reducing inefficiencies in care. Without alignment of incentives, there will always be inefficiencies in the system.

Oncology Expertise

  • Created various strategies to accelerate the oncology orientation of a risk-holder’s overall care model including hospice and palliative care
  • Assembled a panel of sub-specialist that offers world class oncology care at the community level
  • Built a team of oncology doctors, pharmacists and other managed care specialists that can stay on top of the unique requirements for oncology care
  • Developed a specialized platform that aids in managing the oncology specialty
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A Trusted Partner for Value-Based Oncology Care

OPN’s long term model gives it a deep understanding of associated claims and clinical data. Its partnership with a growing oncologist network offers providers a coordinated onramp as they move toward a value orientation. Its clinical and administrative integration ensures oncology specialty care is oriented to value-based systems. Its comprehensive platform was built to aid in making value-based care viable. OPN’s has a proven record of aligning all parties toward a value-based approach while maintaining or improve the quality of care.

Case Studies

OPN has notable depth and breadth of experience with the issues and challenges that Risk Bearing Entities face when working in value-based models.

Risk-holder Related Case Studies