OPN has Unmatched Experience in Developing and Managing High Performing Oncology Networks

OPN has been at the forefront of partnering with community oncology providers and managing community oncology networks that operate in the value-based healthcare environment. As a trusted oncology partner for over two decades, OPN serves as a benchmark for value-based cancer care in a variety of US regions. It has grown markedly over the decades and now manages the oncology needs for over 1.7 million enrollees. The company is currently adapting its model in other regions and is operating throughout the West Coast and other states.

Unique Expertise

Specialty care like oncology requires unique professional and technological expertise to function in value-based environments.

Value-based care is increasingly becoming the prevalent healthcare model in the US with CMS aiming to move all beneficiaries to value-based care arrangements by 2030. Though value-based primary care is rapidly being adopted, value-based specialty is a different story. Specialty providers who understand how to work in value-based scenarios are becoming increasingly attractive to payers that seek successful provider partners.

Proven Commitment to Value-Based Specialty Care

OPN has been managing oncologist networks for nearly 25 years and is committed to aligning payers and providers in any given market. Not only does OPN provide outstanding value to existing risk-holders, OPN’s model continues to generate interest among local oncology providers.

OPN’s offers value propositions such as accelerated cash flow, informative data analytics, a sophisticated understanding of chemotherapy drug pricing and Care Management Services assistance. These services ultimately benefit oncology providers and their staff as they transition to value-based models.

OPN’s approach successfully allows network oncologists to expand beyond their original areas of service. OPN’s long and trusted relationships with many community oncologists has facilitated the addition of new practices for payer groups who wanted additional oncology options. For those situations where an expanded areas of service are impractical, the Care Management Services platform allows OPN to manage the care efficiently even when providers are not in the OPN network.