OPN recognizes the complicated nature of oncology in the community and helps its payer partners provide excellent cancer care to their beneficiaries.

With partners in three states and nearly a quarter century history working in community oncology care, OPN is uniquely suited to deliver cancer care to payer beneficiaries. Payers can benefit from OPN’s comprehensive understanding of value-based oncology care. The extensive platform and services that OPN can provide such as handling oncology claims, care management services, clinical trial support and data analytics makes the delivery of such care efficient while still adhering to the highest National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines.

An Adaptable Model for Value-Based Oncology Care

OPN’s services are adaptable to any US region and are being used for:

  • Senior
  • Commercial
  • Medicaid

OPN works with a variety of payer partners types:

  • National health plans
  • Regional health plans
  • National delegated medical groups
  • Regional delegated medical groups
  • Local delegated medical groups


Payment Model Continuum

OPN knows that each payer has unique needs and objectives with regard to the providing cancer care for their beneficiaries. Whether it is a network model where OPN is at risk, a managed care model where the payer is at risk or a hybrid model where risk is shared, OPN has a flexible model that can meet the current and future needs of all its partners and streamline their operations. OPN is extremely flexible in providing optimized solutions for its payer partners. This is based on OPN’s almost 25 years of experience, tremendous institutional knowledge and a proven track record of improving payer cost structures for oncology care. OPN can partner in any way that is suitable for a payer’s operation.

Comprehensive Platform

The breadth of tools and services that OPN provides the payer community is significant. Oncology care demands a broad approach to understanding scope of this care, how care is delivered and the effectiveness this care. OPN has a comprehensive platform that offers its payer partners an unrivaled financial and clinical insight into the care being provided to their beneficiaries. Whether it is the URAC accredited care management services, coordinated access to clinical trials, advanced data analytics or the oncology focused MSO services, OPN provides an extensive platform that payers can utilize to understand the cancer care being provided to their beneficiaries and actionable approaches to making the oncology care more efficient and effective.

Network Management

OPN has been managing networks for nearly a quarter century and has deep experience maintaining continuity of care. It has demonstrated success in developing new networks as the OPN model generates real interest among prospective providers since the financial component of this model benefits many current Fee for Service payment practices. The value proposition of accelerated cash flow, informative data analytics, OPN’s deep understanding of chemotherapy drug pricing and Care Management Services assistance ultimately benefits the provider and their staff.

In addition, OPN has a vast array of network oncologists in its network that are often interested in expanding to new areas. OPN’s long and trusted relationship can ease the addition of new practices for payer groups who would like additional oncology provider options to serve their patient needs. For geographies without a dedicated OPN network, the Care Management Services platform allows OPN to manage the care efficiently with the current market oncology providers.