Integrating Value-Based Oncology into Primary Care

OPN CEO Srin Vishwanath will be co-presenting at the Transitions 2022 APG Colloquium on Integrating Value-Based Oncology into Primary Care. In this breakout session, he will outline OPN’s unique focus on the provisioning of high-quality, cost-effective cancer care. He will describe the company’s approach to partnering and integrating their work with primary care practices, resulting in cost savings as high as 25 percent. He will discuss how approaches to both operational and financial integration may vary based on existing or desired risk arrangements, local market conditions, and other factors, and how participants can work to address challenges such as the high cost of oncology drugs. This will be on of several breakout tracks that were added to facilitate learning and guide your selection of sessions. This track is one of several that will focus in the integration of primary and specialty care.