Agreement Will Accelerate Payer Value in Community Oncology Research

  • Anova has led the development of a highly collaborative clinical research program with OPN Healthcare, further enhancing clinical services and patient choice across a network of community oncology providers in various U.S. regions;
  • Anova will support the expanding OPN Healthcare research program through Payer and Provider partnership;
  • AnovaOS™ technology platform continues to be used to accelerate access to investigational treatments for patients in need for all practices across the OPN network.

Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova), an organization dedicated to accelerating promising treatments to market with its transformative AnovaOS™ technology platform, and the industry’s first collaborative ‘learning system’, today announced a partnership with OPN Healthcare, a network of community oncology providers in the United States, to support and expand the OPN Healthcare research program through payer and provider partnerships.

Research in the community setting is essential for the translation of advances in cancer research into practice and improving cancer care.  Over 80% of cancer patients are treated in community practices across the U.S., with nearly 20% being treated at academic medical centers.  OPN Healthcare currently supports cancer care for over 2.6 million lives across several U.S. states.  In partnership with Anova, OPN Healthcare has developed a leading clinical research capability across a growing network of community oncology practices and partnerships with academic medical centres.  The partnership will now support the expansion of clinical and research services to screen patients for clinical trials and conduct clinical research of innovative new therapies through payer and provider relationships across the U.S.

AnovaOS™ will be used to screen eligible patients to accruing clinical trials and compassionate use programs, and to support just-in-time activation of clinical trials.  AnovaOS™ is used by investigators, research sites and networks for research program administration, clinical trial identification, biopharmaceutical partner engagement, study activation and start-up, regulatory compliance, subject engagement, master data management and quality assurance.  Anova and OPN Healthcare are partnering to expand a more efficient approach to the conduct of community oncology-based research across a growing network and engage both payers and providers to improve choice and access. 

Srin Vishwanath, CEO of OPN Healthcare, stated “We are committed to providing the patients we serve with the highest quality cancer care. Our partnership with Anova has improved our patient choice and access with a robust clinical research capability.”  OPN’s Chief Medical Officer, Anthony Lam, MD adds, “In this era of precision medicine, access to innovative new treatments in clinical trials is critical.  We are a part of the transition from treating patients based on where their cancer originates to providing promising treatments centered on omic findings and evidence-based medicine. Our partnership with Anova will help achieve this across our growing network in the U.S.”   

Christopher Beardmore, CEO of Anova remarked, “AnovaOS™ enables a transformative approach to clinical development.  Our partnership with OPN Healthcare continues to deliver a robust clinical research program for OPN and demonstrates how clinical trials benefit patients, physicians, payers and biopharmaceutical companies when they all work together.  AnovaOS™ brings investigational products to patients in the same time it takes to start a new line of treatment.  This brings treatments that were previously out of reach for physicians to their patients.”